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Mobile Grooming

Puppies N People mobile pet grooming

Puppies N People

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Puppies N People Mobile Grooming
Puppies N People Helping Each  - I Care

A Idea Is Born

I simply love all animals, so I decided to do something I really love

 Helping pets and their people friends

I wanted to offer a service that would be convenient and fair priced for everyone

We could never find the time to go back and fourth to the groomer with our pups (we have 11 rescues),

so we looked for a better way to get them groomed, in researching we found this to be a

problem with many other people also, so we did more research and found that people across

the country were using mobile grooming services, that led us to Wagntails.

I purchased a Wagntails Grooming van, completed 3 1/2 months of grooming school, so now you have the convenience of having

your furry friend groomed at your home or office in the Birmingham, Shelby County and surrounding areas.

We only accept cash payment effective 6/1/2018

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Puppies N People Mobile Grooming

Mobile Benefits:

No hassle running back and forth to the groomer

Less stress with personal one to one attention

No commotion going on with multiple dogs being done at same time, multiple groomers carrying on, dogs barking, etc..

Pet is done at their home where they feel comfortable


Climate controlled air and heat, fully self contained

More convenient for pet and people

No sitting in cold hard cages with other dogs barking all day waiting for their turn to get groomed, then put back in the cage waiting on owner to pickup